Community Outreach

Mike Neal  /  President & CEO, Tulsa Regional Chamber

As a business leadership organization, the Chamber values community as both a key driver and indicator of the Tulsa region’s quality of life. If we at the Chamber are to improve that quality of life through increased economic prosperity, developing a strong sense of community then becomes a strategic priority. Furthermore, if we are to develop and enhance that sense of community, we must find ways to champion the inclusion of all in propelling our region forward.

Community outreach looks very different from organization to organization, but the consistent theme is a public, visible support of diverse groups, organizations and programs in the community and region. Diversity in this sense can encompass a number of dimensions, including visible traits such as language and gender but also extending to less obvious signifiers like nationality and economic background.

For the Chamber, our commitment to community outreach includes sponsorship of and participation in events like the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation annual symposium and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade. Through Mosaic, the Chamber regularly partners with other inclusion-minded organizations for programming and events, including the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice, the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges and Oklahomans for Equality.

Engaging employees in community outreach fosters meaningful organizational commitment. Our internal diversity and inclusion task force recently coordinated the Chamber’s participation in the YWCA’s “Stand Against Racism” campaign, allowing both organizational and corporate support for what we consider an important public statement.

Tulsa’s social and cultural makeup draws upon a rich heritage. Our collective economic success as a region includes the success of individuals who identify with a myriad of traditions and backgrounds. Through Mosaic, the Chamber works to demonstrate that a commitment to our community’s diversity is a commitment to a more prosperous future for all.